About us

Mario and Dario Fiolić

The Fiolić family from Zadar in Croatia started with wine production in 2006 ˝experimenting˝ in a small and lovely basement of the family house. At first the production was made in small amounts and only for personal needs. However, the enthusiasm, will and love for winemaking together with great success in different competitions for excellence in quality convinced the family to form their own winery in 2016. From then on they started with professional investment and increased their production.
Today, the Fiolić winery makes 20.000 bottles of wine, sells its products to different restaurants all over the region. It is well recognized and accepted on the market among superior wines as a small boutique winery.
The Fiolić winery has recently opened a tasting room which has in a short time become a popular and pleasant place for hanging out with friends or colleagues. It is a place where the guests get the feeling of belonging, recognizing the family tradition and love toward wines. When it comes to white wines, the winery makes superior quality Maraština and Malvazija as well as Cuvee Blanc, Rose from the Plavina and grenache sort. The production of red wines is based on Merlot sort and two coupages (cuvee) from the Grenache and Syrah sorts as well as Merlot and Cabernet sorts.

Liqueurs Fiolić

Beside the wine, the Fiolić winery also makes liqueur from sour cherry maraška and from fig, for which it was awarded with many prizes and recognition on the local and international level. The liqueurs are made with the traditional method- handmade. Special about it is that during production the desalted sea water is used, giving the liqueurs their unique taste.


The Fiolić winery has become a must visit place for local and foreign guests and it is a part of many wine lists of renowned restaurants in the region which serve wines and liqueurs of special taste and supreme quality. Tradition together with new technologies with the base on autochthonous sorts is what the Fiolić family is making with great love in their winery.