Winery  Fiolić – Croatia

The Fiolić family from Zadar in Croatia started with wine production in 2006 ˝experimenting˝ in a small and lovely basement of the family house. At first the production was made in small amounts and only for personal needs. However, the enthusiasm, will and love for winemaking together with great success in different competitions for excellence in quality convinced the family to form their own winery in 2016. From then on they started with professional investment and increased their production.
Today, the Fiolić winery makes 20.000 bottles of wine..


A great wine and extraordinary taste!
Najbolje vino koje smo ikad našli!
Anatoli Nujic
Sales manager in HOMAG
Unbeschreiblich gute Weine.
Tropfen die erwecken tiefste Sinne
Genuss pur für Gaume
Bruno Weber
Thank you for the little wine tasting today!
Delicious wine
Nanja Geyer
The best wine ever!!!!
Lucija Kapović Subašić
Fiolic Winery